RaVikas "MAITRI" Zero Odor/Zero Flush Composter

Goodbye to human scavenging.

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Ravi Senji brings with him an unique combination of expertise and experiences cutting across media, education and sanitation.  His achievements include introducing Indian audience to stereophonic sound, structuring media requirements into an academic course as part of UGC, and structuring learning & development models for engineering aspirants from schools to seasoned professionals serving automotive, aerospace & off highway industries.  A self-taught sanitation enthusiast, he has filed for two patents in sanitation(pending) to convert existing toilets to zero flush units without odor and convert collected waste to safe soil enriching co conditioners using solar energy. Presently has three customized units to demonstrate his concepts which are serving at a school, a temple and at a green field corporate location. 


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Ravi Senji.

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