RaVikas "MAITRI" Zero Odor/Zero Flush Composter

Goodbye to human scavenging.


Moments of Recognition

As Incubatee of Andhra Chamber of Commerce Business Incubation cell met with His Excellency Vice President of India                Shri Venkiah Naidu when he visited to be part of  90th Year Celebrations

Delivering a lecture on Sustainable Fecal Waste Management to delegates from Iraq, Syria, Mauritius, Phillipines, Ethiopia, Fiji, Maldives,Nigeria Afganisthan Ethiopia at NIRD Hyderabad on 6th October 2017

Enrolled in Ideas for Nav Bharath Nirman a competition for age group between 15-35 in India International Science Festival  organized by Deratment of Science at NIOT Velachery Chennai on 15 October 2017.

Though above the approved age barrier, from among the 221 Participants, went on to win a consolation prize. Organizers acknowledged that I was invited just to be sure that this solar toilets exists and the fact that this is working for more than 18 months without maintenance 


Invited to the to be part of a panel on Sanitation & Health at International Conference on Permaculture at Dr Ranga Agricultural University Hyderabad, on 25th November 2017. This conference was attended by 715 participants from 63 countries from all over.