RaVikas "MAITRI" Zero Odor/Zero Flush Composter

Goodbye to human scavenging.


The entire process is done by nature’s most efficient recyclers namely microorganisms worms and larvae.These models by design are green , with no need for water to flush after use, remain odor free, do not pollute water or soil ,and absolutely safe for humans

The unit designed mimics a stomach in its design and operation, where heat from solar, moisture from our after use washing water, air by its breathing pipes along with a bed of compostable materials inoculated with the same human gut microbiota function in tandem to enable digestion.

Human waste an organic material still continues to be digested by the microorganisms in the composting bed, which by their digestion process eat away all remaining organic material rendering the space odor free. This digestion process ensures an overwhelming reduction in volume,and absolute control over smell for there is nothing left to digest after few hours.

An additional feature of these toilets is their ability to digest used sanitary napkins within the digester where the cellulosic fibers of the napkins add valuable carbon to the composition making it an ideal feed for the compost worms to digest. The process is complete where thus digested material is further digested by compost  earth worms which generate organic fertilizer from this.

The generated organic fertilizer is complete with C+N+P+K making it wholesome for plants, and absolutely safe to handle because it has been double digested by two different recyclers and the whole process happens in a themally controlled nature.


Patent pending models 201641020374 & 201741010722are operational and undergoing field trials for over 18 months and 12 months respectively.This is the only unit available today which can safely handle and dispose used sanitary napkins within its processing chambers